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Why Electing Local Democrats Matters

Results That Matter:
A highlight of the last 8 years of Democrat Majority on Phoenixville Borough Council.
  • Phoenixville Borough Recreation Center - Opened April 2022.
    The only municipal owned recreation center in Chester County

  • PXVNEO- North Americas First Hydrothermal Carbonization Treatment plant.
  • Phoenixville Fire and Emergency Services Station - Opened August 2022.
    Built for the growing needs of the Borough, and region. Designed with additional training, classrooms, and living accommodations for the future of emergency services. Hired full time Fire Chief. 

  • RezPark Disc Golf Course. Opened July 2021. 
  • Reservoir Park Mountain Bike Course and Skills Park Partnership.
  • Reeves Park Upgrades: Perimeter and Interior Sidewalks, Bandshell, Awning, All Abilities Playground, Tree Plantings and Public Bathrooms. 
  • PrideWalks - Installed June 2022
  • New LED Cobrahead Street and Traffic Lights
  • New LED light conversions at all Borough Buildings
  • New Community Garden Improvements - Spring 2023
  • Created the Human Relations Commission 
  • Decriminalization of Marijuana possession 
  • New Parking Lots- 
    • Steelpointe Public Lot​
    • Customers Bank Lot - partnership agreement
    • Church Street Fire House Lot - Coming April 2023
    • Wheatland Street Lot
    • 24 EV charging stations
  • Resiliency improvements to Water, Waste Water plants, Water intake.
  • New Public Works Building- Featuring Solar rooftop
  • Phoenixville Railroad Restoration - Working to restore commuter rail service
  • Downtown Improvements:
    • Permanent Twinkle Lights in Street Trees 
    • Heartwood Park​
    • Pridewalks
    • Open Air summer street closure
    • A robust vibrant downtown that is full
    • Café lights on Main Street
    • Children's Plaza Stage
    • Deco Lights on Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge - North Main Street
    • Dog waste stations
  • Schuylkill River Trail Route 29 Bridge Improvements - Improving pedestrian and trail use over the Schuylkill River into Mont Clare. 
  • Phoenixville Senior Commons- In partnership with the Hankin Group- 50 affordable downtown senior apartments. Opening Spring 2024.
  • New intersection improvements to Nutt Road and Starr Street.
    Work Beginning May 2023. 

  • Route 23 Safety Corridor Improvements- Beginning Spring 2023
  • Downtown Wayfinding Signage
  • Raising of NorFolk Southern Bridge over North Main Street. 
    • Ensuring Emergency Vehicle Access to all parts of the Borough
    • No more stuck trucks. ​
  • Investments and upgrades to Police, EMS, Fire and Emergency Management
  • Continued expansion of the French Creek Trail
  • Improved Yard Waste Collection and Processing. 
    • Yard Waste Toters​
    • New Compost Site Equipment
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